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“The fitness center has been a true blessing for our school. The students love to go in the fitness room. Even the special needs students have utilized the room. The athletic teams really enjoy the equipment as well as the After-School program.”

Alana Allen PE Instructor, Harper-Archer Middle School, Georgia


“As a teacher, I can see the Fitness Center has built confidence in students who were previously struggling. Our students are motivated now to be healthy, fit, and work hard. The skills they are learning will definitely carry over to future health habits.”

Keisha Huffman-Fort PE Department Chair, Northview Intermediate School, California


“The Fairfield fitness center has inspired a large population of our students to improve their overall fitness levels. The fitness center has allowed our student body to have access to equipment they would never have access to in the community.  Students are excited to get in the fitness center and it has improved the students’ attitudes about physical activity.”

Diane Jones PE Department Chair, Fairfield Middle School, Virginia


“The center has received positive reviews from all involved. It has sparked our school district to build an adjacent facility and open the entire fitness center to the community during non-school hours. Student participation has significantly increased during PE class and student attitudes toward fitness have increased.”

Jason Beisler PE Instructor, South Allegheny Middle School, Pennsylvania